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DEMOCRACY NOW! INTERVIEW WITH MARISA FUENTES: Watch Juan González interview the co-editor of ‘Scarlet and Black’ about the groundbreaking study of slavery in Rutgers history

Scarlet and Black Democracy Now!Juan González interviewed Marisa Fuentes, co-editor of ‘Scarlet and Black,’ on the November 22nd episode of Democracy Now!

From the Democracy Now! website:

A sweeping new report reveals ties to slavery and the displacement of the Native Americans at one of the country’s top colleges. The findings about 250-year-old Rutgers University were published in a new book, ‘Scarlet and Black, Volume 1: Slavery and Dispossession in Rutgers History.’ It details the history of some of the institution’s founders, presidents and trustees as slave owners, anti-abolitionists and participants in slave trading. Rutgers is one of several colleges and universities across the country now grappling with their historical ties to slavery, including Georgetown, Yale and Harvard. For more, we speak with Marisa Fuentes, director of research for the team that produced “Scarlet and Black.” She is an associate professor of women’s and gender studies and history at Rutgers.

Watch the segment in full below: