Nan Levinson for Waging Nonviolence

NAN LEVINSON FOR WAGING NONVIOLENCE on how the everyday use of militaristic jargon makes us more combative

Nan Levinson for Waging NonviolenceRead a thoughtful, emotionally-charged piece from Nan Levinson for Waging Nonviolence on the true costs of normalizing militaristic jargon. The author of War is Not a Game: The New Antiwar Soldiers and the Movement They Built frames her discussion within the political arena:

“The country has descended into full partisan battle mode,” proclaimed the Washington Post in typical campaign coverage, while journalism sites warned against relying on such warlike clichés. Warn away; they were everywhere.

Candidates targeted, took aim, opened fire, attacked and counterattacked. They engaged in scorched earth verbal warfare and exhibited a take-no-prisoners style as they shot from the hip. Those who were losing made excuses when they bombed, yet, they soldiered on as long as they had a fighting chance because, in the primaries at least, it was a war of attrition. But when they were out-gunned, they bit the bullet and, bloody but unbowed, thanked their armies of volunteers for fighting the good fight.

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