Julie Wosk The Guardian

JULIE WOSK FEATURED IN THE GUARDIAN in their dispatch from the second international congress on love and sex with robots

Julie Wosk My Fair Ladies coverGood news! You probably won’t be killed by a sex robot, at least not according to The Guardian and RUP author Julie Wosk. Read Girl on the Net‘s dispatch from the Second International Congress on Love and Sex with Robots that was held in London this December:

Julie Wosk – professor of art history and author of “My Fair Ladies: Female Robots, Androids and other artificial Eves” explored pop culture representations of sex robots, from Ex Machina’s Ava to Good Girl’s brothel-owned learning sex bot. Sex robots are most commonly female, beautiful and subservient, and Wosk pointed out that in pop culture they also have a tendency to rebel. Westworld, Humans, Ex Machina – all include strong, often terrifying, female robots who gain consciousness, and could be seen as a manifestation of society’s fears of women gaining power. Put a sub editor’s hat on and voila: “Is Feminism To Blame For Our Fear of Sex Robots?”

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