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‘FRANK MILLER’S DAREDEVIL AND THE ENDS OF HEROISM’ FEATURED IN PRINT MAGAZINE’S 13 Best Graphic Novels & Books About Comics from 2016—A Designer’s Guide

Frank Miller's Daredevil and The Ends of Heroism coverMichael Dooley selects Paul Young’s Frank Miller’s Daredevil and the Ends of Heroism as 2016’s “Best Critical Analysis of a Superhero Writer-Artist” in this piece for Print magazine.

If you—and by you I mean I—can barely tolerate most superhero comic books yet have a deep admiration and respect for the genre’s most skilled and innovative practitioners, then this analysis of the man without fear—rendered by the man without fear of merciless vigilante violence—makes for exceptional reading … For Frank Miller’s Daredevil and the Ends of Heroism, Paul Young uses Miller’s early 1980s stint as a springboard. Leaping forward, he’s crafted a skillful exploration of the artist’s formative influences, creative innovations, and enduring artistic legacy. He’s also a smart and tough critic, scrutinizing Miller’s several shortcomings in addition to his aesthetic accomplishments.

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