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MARGARET RANDALL INTERVIEWED FOR CUBAN ART NEWS by Laura Ruiz Montes at the 2017 Havana Book Fair

Cuban Art NewsAs the 2017 Havana Book Fair pays homage to Margaret Randall, Laura Ruiz Montes sits down with Randall for Cuban Art News to discuss her life, her experience in Cuba, and her 2009 memoir, To Change the World: My Years in Cuba, a Spanish-language edition of which was just released in Cuba:

Poet, writer, photographer, social activist, and feminist, Margaret Randall spent more than a decade of her life in Cuba, writing and editing books of poetry, social history, and more—most recently, Only the Road / Solo el camino: Eight Decades of Cuban Poetry (Duke University Press, 2016).

A Spanish translation of her memoir, To Change the World: My Years in Cuba (Rutgers University Press, 2009) was recently published in Cuba by Ediciones Matanzas. This afternoon, a tribute to Margaret Randall will be presented as part of the program at the Havana Book Fair.

Laura Ruiz Montes—herself a poet, editor, essayist and translator—recently spoke with Randall about her experiences in Cuba.

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