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‘MY CITY HIGHRISE GARDEN’ REVIEWED IN LIBRARY JOURNAL: A featured memoir highlight of 2017, Susan Brownmiller’s new book is unmissable

Susan Brownmiller's My City Highrise GardenIn a preview of upcoming memoirs, Library Journal highlights Susan Brownmiller’s My City Highrise Garden for the broad appeal of its artful balance between practical gardening advice and profound personal reflection:

In this charming collection of essays, feminist journalist, activist, and author Brownmiller writes with passion, humor, and complete candidness about 35 years of gardening on the 20th-floor terrace of her Greenwich Village apartment. Along with weather, climate, and critter issues, Brownmiller also describes unique gardening problems that a more traditional yard gardener couldn’t fathom, such as building renovations and neighbors unappreciative of leaf drift—although plenty of them are eager to share plants and pots for Brownmiller’s urban oasis, too. From stories of the loss of her beloved birch trees in the wake of a hurricane to tales of victory at her garden’s thrilling achievements, the author reveals all, including the odd assortment of detritus she discovered thrown down from the shared rooftop garden above.

With a style reminiscent of Eric Grissell’s Thyme on My Hands and A Journal in Thyme, Brownmiller’s meandering musings will delight readers. Memoir lovers and gardeners alike will enjoy these adventures in urban gardening.

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