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‘COLLEGE IN PRISON’ REVIEWED IN COUNTERPUNCH: Charles Larson heralds Daniel Karpowitz’s contribution as a source of much-needed inspiration in our trying times

College in Prison in The New York Review of Books

If you seek inspiration in these depressing times, if you need one iota of decency to keep you going, if you despair that Donald Trump’s lack of humility will permeate every aspect of our culture, search no further.

Daniel Karpowitz’s College in Prison: Reading in an Age of Mass Incarceration provides some much-needed inspiration and reaffirmation for Charles Larson in this review for CounterPunch.

Read Daniel Karpowitz’s stirring commitment to higher education in prisons in New York State. Forget all the naysayers who believe that prison should only be punishment (a guarantee for recidivism). Read Karpowitz’s illuminating account of Bard College’s decade long program to give offenders a second chance in their lives. 

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