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THE NEW YORK TIMES interviews HUMANITARIAN AFTERSHOCKS IN HAITI author Mark Schuller on February 23, 2018

The New York Times interviews Humanitarian Aftershocks in Haiti author Mark Schuller on February 23, 2018 in a piece titled “Haiti Suspends Oxfam Great Britain After Sex Scandal.”

Mark Schuller, an associate professor of anthropology at Northern Illinois University and author of “Humanitarian Aftershocks in Haiti” said the aid workers who flooded Haiti after the earthquake, looking to put a “notch on the humanitarian bedpost,” had been given a “do-gooder” pass for too long.

“What should the response be?” he wrote in a newsletter. “Yes, apologies and righteous indignation. But let’s not let N.G.O.s try and distance themselves.”

Mr. Schuller said, “It’s true that this may well be the beginning of a #MeToo movement in Haiti, and hopefully elsewhere in the world where reward structures of the aid industry reinforce inequality, imperialism and patriarchy.”