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Transmedia Creatures: Frankenstein’s Afterlives

Edited by Francesca Saggini and Anna Enrichetta Soccio

“Saggini and Soccio’s [book] defies expectations and has a great deal to say about the pedagogical uses to which Frankenstein’s textual afterlives might be put…. Many of the essays in this volume, although they don’t define themselves that way, might be characterized by what we now call presentist in that they trace how cultural forebodings about the dangers of difference that preoccupy the novel get re-mediated in contemporary culture to address those same concerns…. All of these essays are never less than illuminating, in their varied ways, on some understudied or overlooked aspect of the novel’s afterlives, as should be obvious from the book’s title but is never a given.”

-European Romantic Review, 31:1

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