USA Today includes The Cat Men of Gotham by Peggy Gavan in Summer Beach Reads round-up

USA Today included The Cat Men of Gotham: Feline Friendships in Old New York by Peggy Gavan in “”Beach reads: True crime, thrillers, history, memoir & literary fiction from local authors” in regional newspapers in New York, New Jersey, and Delaware.

“Cat Men Of Gotham: Tales Of Feline Friendship In Old New York,” Rutgers University Press.

Kitty-cats and New York City? This can’t miss.

Peggy Gavan’s history has lots of heart, but it’s not fluff. Her book, with profiles of 42 cats and the righteous firefigthers, cops, politicians and other men who saved them from the mean streets of 19th-century New York, sheds light on the hardships encountered by both humans and felines of the era. Gavan, who lives in Warwick, New York, is passionate about the city. Each chapter ends with a “Did You Know?” postscript, which adds more historical context to the adventures of the cats.

Seekers of cuteness won’t be disappointed either. Take, for example, the cover photo, depicting a police officer stopping traffic so a cat can transport her kittens across Lafayette Street.

What else has she written? Gavan is a journalist, editor and blogger who also has written science books for young children. — K.J.C.

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