Author Discount

Bucknell University Press authors, volume editors, and contributors receive complimentary copies of their books upon publication and may also make use of an author discount to purchase additional copies of their own books (and all other books published by Bucknell University Press and Rutgers University Press). Author discounts are specified in the book contract.

To place an order, please call the Chicago Distribution Center at 800-621-2736 and identify yourself as a Bucknell University Press author.

Orders can be placed up to six months prior to publication.

Please note: Author discounts are off the list price and may not be combined with any other offers. Author sales are generally non-returnable. Discounts and US pricing does not apply when ordering from our European and Canadian distributors.

Ordering books for events:

If you are participating in an event and plan to bring books yourself, please make sure to place your order at least 3 weeks ahead of time to accommodate processing and shipping.

If you are participating in an event and either a bookstore or organization is selling books for you, please contact Jeremy Grainger at Let the event coordinator know that we recommend book orders be placed three weeks prior to the event.