“Novel Bodies” establishes Farr as a “major voice in queer and disability studies”

Novel Bodies: Disability and Sexuality in Eighteenth-Century British Literature

By Jason S. Farr

“With the publication of Jason Farr’s [Novel Bodies], disability studies continues its rise to prominence in eighteenth-century studies…. [Novel Bodies] is an important first book that will establish Farr as a major voice in queer and disability studies. Across the manuscript, each chapter is firmly connected to those that precede and follow it. In Novel Bodies, Farr illustrates the centrality of queerness, disease, illness, and impairment to the history of the British novel, the gothic novel, and the long eighteenth century more generally; beyond that, he advances queer studies in significant and compelling ways by advocating inclusive, intersectional analysis.”

—In ABO: Interactive Journal for Women in the Arts, 1640-1830, Fall 2020