“Transpoetic Exchange” “celebratory, inquisitive, and performative”

Transpoetic Exchange: Haroldo de Campos, Octavio Paz, and Other Multiversal Dialogues

edited by Marília Librandi, Jamille Pinheiro Dias, and Tom Winterbottom

Transpoetic Exchange offers an homage to the creative relationship between Octavio Paz and Haroldo de Campos in a volume stemming from the eponymous Stanford University event in Winter 2010 that gathered scholars, artists, and poets from all the corners of the globe. Celebratory, inquisitive, and performative, this dynamic kaleidoscope of a book challenges the myth of originality and fidelity with regard to the translation of poetry…Recognizing presence and precedence, Transpoetic Exchange journeys across cultures and traditions, languages and geographies, words and the verbal rawness of blank in the page.”

Bulletin of Spanish Studies, Fall 2021