Halloween Celebration

Halloween is just around the corner! We are celebrating the holiday with a 30% discount! See a small selection of titles below but use the discount code on any book on our website. Shipping is free in the US. Discount code: RMSA23

A History of Horror, 2nd Edition

Wheeler Winston Dixon

New Israeli Horror

Olga Gershenson

Women Make Horror

Alison Peirse, Alison Peirse, Alicia Kozma, Alexandra Heller-Nicholas, Martha Shearer, Katia Houde, Tosha R. Taylor, Dahlia Schweitzer, Laura Mee, Katarzyna Paszkiewicz, Maddison McGillvray, Molly Kim, Donna McRae, Erin Harrington, Lindsey Decker, Valeria Villegas Lindvall, Janice Loreck, Amy C. Chambers, Sonia Lupher

Frankenstein and STEAM

Robin Hammerman, Susan J. Wolfson, Mark A. McCutcheon, Lisa Crafton, Siobhan Watters, Lisbeth Chapin, L. Adam Mekler, Brian Bates, Robin Hammerman

Zombie Cinema

Ian Olney

Monstrous Progeny

Lester D. Friedman, Allison B. Kavey

Monster Cinema

Barry Keith Grant

Phantom Ladies

Tim Snelson

Going Viral

Dahlia Schweitzer

Apocalypse Cinema

Stephen Prince

Dead Funny

David Gillota