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The Global Origins and Future of Brazil’s Far Right


Queering the Seventies, A Radical Trans Memoir

Home Girls, 40th Anniversary Edition

A Black Feminist Anthology

The Truth That Never Hurts 25th anniversary edition

Writings on Race, Gender, and Freedom

Bridge and Tunnel Boys

Bruce Springsteen, Billy Joel, and the Metropolitan Sound of the American Century

Music Is Power

Popular Songs, Social Justice, and the Will to Change

Ideal Beauty

The Life and Times of Greta Garbo

On the Turtle's Back

Stories the Lenape Told Their Grandchildren

Islam and Me

Narrating a Diaspora

Oh, Serafina!

A Fable of Ecology, Lunacy, and Love

The Outcast

A Novel

Rockin' in the Ivory Tower

Rock Music on Campus in the Sixties

Mary Climbs In

The Journeys of Bruce Springsteen's Women Fans

Coastal Landscapes

South Jersey from the Air


An Emotional State

Women and New Hollywood

Gender, Creative Labor, and 1970s American Cinema

Resilient Kitchens

American Immigrant Cooking in a Time of Crisis, Essays and Recipes

Desegregating Comics

Debating Blackness in the Golden Age of American Comics

George's Run

A Writer's Journey through the Twilight Zone

The Ultimate Guide to the Jersey Shore

Where to Eat, What to Do, and so Much More

Unguarded Border

American Émigrés in Canada during the Vietnam War

Toward a Healthier Garden State

Beyond Cancer Clusters and COVID

W. E. B. Du Bois Souls of Black Folk

A Graphic Interpretation

Ferryman of Memories

The Films of Rithy Panh

The Activist Collector

Lida Clanton Broner’s 1938 Journey from Newark to South Africa

Unsafe Words

Queering Consent in the #MeToo Era

A Pill for Promiscuity

Gay Sex in an Age of Pharmaceuticals

Matchmaking in the Archive

19 Conversations with the Dead and 3 Encounters with Ghosts

Gray Love

Stories About Dating and New Relationships After 60

In Praise of Disobedience

Clare of Assisi, A Novel

Reversing the Gaze

What If the Other Were You?

From Protest to President

A Social Justice Journey through the Emergence of Adult Education and the Birth of Distance Learning


A Cultural History of the Velocipede in France

Spirits in the Consulting Room

Eight Tales of Healing


An Indian Dancer, an American Photographer, and a German Camera


An Ethnography of Effervescent Revelry


America's Pivotal Year

Way Down in the Hole

Race, Intimacy, and the Reproduction of Racial Ideologies in Solitary Confinement

The Internet Is for Cats

How Animal Images Shape Our Digital Lives

Every Wrong Direction

An Emigré’s Memoir

New Jersey Fan Club

Artists and Writers Celebrate the Garden State

Cultivating Justice in the Garden State

My Life in the Colorful World of New Jersey Politics

The Holocaust & the Exile of Yiddish

A History of the Algemeyne Entsiklopedye

Murder on the Mountain

Crime, Passion, and Punishment in Gilded Age New Jersey

Here to Stay

Uncovering South Asian American History

The Paris Commune

A Brief History


The Speeches That Shaped LGBTQ Literary Culture


Racism, Survival, and the Quiet Politics of Infant Mortality, from A to Z

Stellar Transformations

Movie Stars of the 2010s

Carrying On

Another School of Thought on Pregnancy and Health

American Cinema of the 2010s

Themes and Variations

The Life and Comics of Howard Cruse

Taking Risks in the Service of Truth

Fourth of July, Asbury Park

A History of the Promised Land

Two Women

A Novel

Soccer in Mind

A Thinking Fan's Guide to the Global Game


Striptease as Transformation

King of Hearts

Drag Kings in the American South

Nothing Is Impossible

America's Reconciliation with Vietnam

Triumph over Containment

American Film in the 1950s

The First Fifteen

How Asian American Women Became Federal Judges

The Audacity of a Kiss

Love, Art, and Liberation

Free Spirit

A Biography of Mason Welch Gross

Apparition of Splendor

Marianne Moore Performing Democracy through Celebrity, 1952–1970

Shades of Springsteen

Politics, Love, Sports, and Masculinity

Mapping the Way from Teacher Preparation to edTPA® Completion

A Guide for Secondary Education Candidates

Scarlet and Black, Volume Three

Making Black Lives Matter at Rutgers, 1945-2020

The Street

A Photographic Field Guide to American Inequality

American Hotel

The Waldorf-Astoria and the Making of a Century

From Memory to History

Television Versions of the Twentieth Century

Refugees in America

Stories of Courage, Resilience, and Hope in Their Own Words

Humanity's Last Stand

Confronting Global Catastrophe

The Hudson

An Illustrated Guide to the Living River

Drag Queens and Beauty Queens

Contesting Femininity in the World's Playground

Guys Like Me

Five Wars, Five Veterans for Peace

Premed Prep

Advice from a Medical School Admissions Dean

Ballad of an American

A Graphic Biography of Paul Robeson

Stanley Kubrick

New York Jewish Intellectual

Gray Matters

Finding Meaning in the Stories of Later Life


Style, Crisis, and Authority in American Television


A Biography of I. F. Stone

Leading for Tomorrow

A Primer for Succeeding in Higher Education Leadership

Macbeth in Harlem

Black Theater in America from the Beginning to Raisin in the Sun

Becoming Philadelphia

How an Old American City Made Itself New Again

Lakota Hoops

Life and Basketball on Pine Ridge Indian Reservation

Rebuilding Story Worlds

The Obscure Cities by Schuiten and Peeters

Losing Culture

Nostalgia, Heritage, and Our Accelerated Times

Scarlet and Black

Slavery and Dispossession in Rutgers History

Learning from Bryant Park

Revitalizing Cities, Towns, and Public Spaces

Cinema '62

The Greatest Year at the Movies

Making the Scene in the Garden State

Popular Music in New Jersey from Edison to Springsteen and Beyond

Scarlet and Black, Volume Two

Constructing Race and Gender at Rutgers, 1865-1945

Welcome to Wherever We Are

A Memoir of Family, Caregiving, and Redemption

Black Athena

The Afroasiatic Roots of Classical Civilation Volume III: The Linguistic Evidence

Black Athena

The Afroasiatic Roots of Classical Civilization Volume II: The Archaeological and Documentary Evidence

Black Athena

The Afroasiatic Roots of Classical Civilization Volume I: The Fabrication of Ancient Greece 1785-1985