Kimberly Guinta

Kimberly Guinta is editorial director at Rutgers University Press. In addition to managing the editorial program as a whole, she is responsible for acquiring books in the areas of Anthropology, Women’s and Gender Studies, and Caribbean and Latin American Studies. Within each of these quite large subject areas, she is most interested in projects that are intersectional, and that study or challenge inequities in race, class, or gender norms across the globe. In anthropology, she acquires in medical, social, and cultural anthropology. For the Caribbean and Latin American studies list, she is interested in topics such as labor, indigeneity, the environment, urban studies, migration, and racial or gender disparities. The women’s/gender studies list maintains a strong focus on women’s history and culture, while Kim is also expanding the focus to include issues of sexuality and LGBTQ issues. Kim arrived at Rutgers University Press in 2015 from Routledge, where she spent 15 years acquiring in U.S. and Latin American History.

Subjects: medical anthropology, social/cultural anthropology, Caribbean studies, Latin American studies, LGBTQ studies, women’s history, sexuality/gender, childhood studies, fashion

Series: Critical Caribbean Studies, Rutgers Series in Childhood Studies, Politics of Marriage and Gender: Global Issues in Local Contexts, Medical Anthropology: Health, Inequality, and Social Justice, Global Perspectives on Aging, Junctures: Case Studies in Women’s Leadership, Violence Against Women and Children, Style Discourse: Fashion, Art, and Culture, Q+Public, IRW Bookshelf: Feminisms for the 21st Century

Conferences: American Anthropological Association, National Women’s Studies Association, Caribbean Studies Association, Latin American Studies Association, The Berkshire Conference of Women Historians