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Some Modernist Studies Titles

The Specter and the Speculative

Afterlives and Archives in the African Diaspora

Mae G. Henderson, Jeanne Scheper, Gene Melton II, Mae G. Henderson, Jeanne Scheper, Gene Melton II, Diana Arterian, Christopher Giroux, Stella Setka, Meina Yates-Richard, Luis Omar Ceniceros, Danielle Fuentes Morgan, Shamika Ann Mitchell, Andrew R. Belton, Kim White, Sheila Smith McKoy, Pekka Kilpeläinen, Fernando Gabriel Pagnoni Berns, Emiliano Aguilar, Juan Ignacio Juvé, Kajsa K. Henry, McKinley E. Melton, Emily Ruth Rutter

Making History Move

Five Principles of the Historical Film

Kim Nelson

Ideal Beauty

The Life and Times of Greta Garbo

Lois W. Banner

Desegregating Comics

Debating Blackness in the Golden Age of American Comics

Qiana Whitted, Qiana Whitted, Ian Gordon, Nicholas Sammond, Andrew J. Kunka, Rebecca Wanzo, Chris Gavaler, Monalesia Earle, Blair Davis, Eli Boonin-Vail, Carol L. Tilley, Qiana Whitted, Brian Cremins, Mora Beauchamp-Byrd, Phillip Lamarr Cunningham, Jacque Nodell, Julian C. Chambliss, Mike Lemon

W. E. B. Du Bois Souls of Black Folk

A Graphic Interpretation

W. E. B. Du Bois (1868-1963), Paul Peart-Smith, Paul Peart-Smith, Paul Buhle, Herb Boyd, Jonathan Scott Holloway

The Activist Collector

Lida Clanton Broner’s 1938 Journey from Newark to South Africa

Christa Clarke


A Cultural History of the Velocipede in France

Corry Cropper, Seth Whidden


An Indian Dancer, an American Photographer, and a German Camera

Ajay Sinha

Uncanny Histories in Film and Media

Patrice Petro, Peter Bloom, Alenda Chang, Maria Corrigan, Naomi DeCelles, Hannah Goodwin, Priya Jaikumar, Masha Salazkina, Ellen C. Scott, Jasmine Nadua Trice, Cristina Venegas

Single Lives

Modern Women in Literature, Culture, and Film

Katherine Fama, Jorie Lagerwey, Katherine Fama, Jorie Lagerwey, Andreá N. Williams, Jennifer S. Clark, Elizabeth DeWolfe, Pamela Robertson Wojcik, Martina Mastandrea, Kristin Celello, Ursula Kania, Emma Liggins, Ann Mattis, Benjamin Kahan

New Deal Radio

The Educational Radio Project

David Goodman, Joy Elizabeth Hayes

The Beats in Mexico

David Stephen Calonne

Founders of the Future

The Science and Industry of Spanish Modernization

Óscar Iván Useche

See Me Naked

Black Women Defining Pleasure in the Interwar Era

Tara T. Green

Black Celebrity

Contemporary Representations of Postbellum Athletes and Artists

Emily Ruth Rutter

Artificial Generation

Photogenic French Literature and the Prehistory of Cinematic Modernity

Christina Parker-Flynn

Comics and the Origins of Manga

A Revisionist History

Eike Exner

American Hotel

The Waldorf-Astoria and the Making of a Century

David Freeland

The Movie Musical

Desirée J. Garcia

Ballad of an American

A Graphic Biography of Paul Robeson

Sharon Rudahl, Sharon Rudahl, Paul Buhle, Lawrence Ware

The Femme Fatale

Julie Grossman

Comics Studies

A Guidebook

Charles Hatfield, Bart Beaty


A Biography of I. F. Stone

Robert C. Cottrell, Eric Alterman

Macbeth in Harlem

Black Theater in America from the Beginning to Raisin in the Sun

Clifford Mason

Damsels and Divas

European Stardom in Silent Hollywood

Agata Frymus

The Great White Way

Race and the Broadway Musical

Warren Hoffman

African American Arts

Activism, Aesthetics, and Futurity

Sharrell D. Luckett, Carrie Mae Weems, Sharrell D. Luckett, Carmen Gillespie, Rikki Byrd, Amber Lauren Johnson, Doria E. Charlson, Florencia V. Cornet, Daniel McNeil, Lucy Caplan, Genevieve Hyacinthe, Sammantha McCalla, Nettrice R. Gaskins, Abby Dobson, J. Michael Kinsey, Shondrika Moss-Bouldin, Julie B. Johnson, Jasmine Eileen Coles, Tawnya Pettiford-Wates, Rickerby Hinds, Carrie Mae Weems

Mikhail Bakhtin

The Duvakin Interviews, 1973

Slav N Gratchev, Margarita Marinova, Mikhail Bakhtin, Dmitry Sporov

EC Comics

Race, Shock, and Social Protest

Qiana Whitted

L.A. Private Eyes

Dahlia Schweitzer

The Arc of Abstraction

Tricia Laughlin Bloom, Donald Kuspit

Modern Spanish Women as Agents of Change

Essays in Honor of Maryellen Bieder

Jennifer Smith, Jennifer Smith, Akiko Tsuchiya, Christine Arkinstall, Roberta Johnson, Susan M McKenna, Linda Willem, Denise DuPont, Margot Versteeg, Rogelia Lily Ibarra, Neus Carbonell, Jo Labanyi

Walking Harlem

The Ultimate Guide to the Cultural Capital of Black America

Karen Taborn

A Short History of Film, Third Edition

Wheeler Winston Dixon, Gwendolyn Audrey Foster

Moving Performances

Divas, Iconicity, and Remembering the Modern Stage

Jeanne Scheper

Aphrodite's Daughters

Three Modernist Poets of the Harlem Renaissance

Maureen Honey

Don't Act, Just Dance

The Metapolitics of Cold War Culture

Catherine Gunther Kodat


A Revisionist Harlem Renaissance Anthology

Venetria K. Patton, Maureen Honey

Quicksand and Passing

Nella Larsen, Deborah E. McDowell