The Other Voices of Italy series presents English translations of Italian works by authors past and present. Books in this series are not limited by genre—ranging from non-fiction to fiction, prose to poetry—and are chosen with the principal aim of introducing English-speaking readers to authors whose works have until now been marginalized due to the lack of available translations. It furthermore seeks to highlight contemporary transnational authors as well as writers whose works have never been translated or stand in need of new translations. A uniting feature of all the texts is their origin from the margins; they were written by people of non-normative sexuality and genders, they deal with problematic themes, or they reflect on racial and class discrimination, testimonies of oppression and abuse. As a series devoted to translations of Italian texts, it will foreground the role that translators play in the dissemination of art and knowledge as well as the status of translation itself as an art form that enhances the importance of cultural diversity. Accompanying each book in the series are essays by noted scholars that contextualize the authors and the texts themselves within Italian literature and, more broadly, within the literary canon.