Request an Exam Copy

Welcome to the Exam Copy Request Portal. Exam copies are meant for instructors who want to sample a book for use in their classrooms. We charge $15.00 to cover the cost of shipping for print copies of a book. Once we review your request, we will send you a code so you can order the the book for $15.00 in our shopping cart. If you want to save the cost of shipping and are OK using an electronic copy of the book, we will send you a link to the ebook free of charge. Bear in mind that you can preview most of our books on the book page.

This portal is meant for instructors with mailing addresses within the U.S. If you are an instructor requesting a desk copy outside the U.S., please send and email to our with your name, address, and contact information and the title, author/editor, and ISBN you are interested in adopting.

Exam copies are meant to give you an opportunity to preview a book to determine if you can use it in your classroom. Desk copies are meant for instructors who have already assigned a specific book for their classroom.

If you wish to order an exam copy for a specific book, go to the book page for that book on this website and click on the handy “Request an Exam Copy” link on that page.

Desk and Exam copies Outside the Americas:

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