Media Review Copies

Media Contact:  Courtney Brach, (848) 445-7775

Rutgers University Press is pleased to provide review copies of our titles to newspapers, magazines, journals, and other media outlets who intend to review or discuss the book, as well as television and radio programs with legitimate author interview formats.

We do not send review copies to freelance reviewers without some proof of an assignment. Please ask your editor to email the request to us on your behalf.

To request a review copy of a Rutgers University Press book, please mail or email your request on your publication or station letterhead to the attention of the Publicity Department at Rutgers University Press, 106 Somerset St., 3rd Floor, New Brunswick, NJ 08901 or You can also fax your request to: Fax: 732-745-4935. Your request must include your:

Name of your media outlet
Complete shipping address
Daytime telephone number
Circulation (if print media) of your publication
Author and title of the book you would like to review

Some Rutgers University Press books are unavailable in some countries. Please consult rights restrictions codes in our printed catalog or on our web site before requesting a review copy.

Review copies are limited. Please note all requests are indeed that—requests. Unfortunately, we cannot always honor all of them.

If possible, we would greatly appreciate receiving two copies of your published review or a recording of our author’s appearance on your show.

If an electronic version of the book is acceptable for your use, we might be able to arrange to send one on request.  Bear in mind that the review copy will probably be in PDF format and will expire after 30 days.  Send your request (along with pertinent information about your request as outlined above) to: