Safety page for Dhalia Schweizer



Week 1

Going Viral (Week 1)
AO Scott Reviews Safe
Containment Trailer
Fill-in-the-Blank Answer Key


Week 2

Going Viral (Week 2)
Introduction Questions
Black Death Intro Sequence
Formula for Death Intro Sequence
Outbreak Magnification Sequence 1
Outbreak Magnification Sequence 2
The Andromeda Strain Magnification Sequence
The Andromeda Strain Trailer
The Andromeda Strain Decontamination Sequence


Week 3

Going Viral (Week 3)
Chapter 1 Questions
Spongebob Squarepants: “Once Bitten”


Week 4

Going Viral (Week 4)
Chapter 2 Questions
James Bond Casino Royale
Pandemic News Footage 1
Pandemic News Footage 2


Week 5

Going Viral (Week 5)
The Blacklist (Season 2, Episode 5)
Global Effect Trailer
Global Effect Intro Sequence
Global Effect – Infection 1 Sequence
Global Effect – Infection 2 and Bug Sequence
Quantico clip: Nation Under Threat
24 (Season 3, Episode 15) Part 1
24 (Season 3, Episode 15) Part 2
24 (Season 3, Episode 15) Part 3
The Grid Intro Sequence


Week 6

Going Viral (Week 6)
Terrorism TV Questions
Hades Factor American Trailer
Hades Factor Australian Trailer
Toxic Skies Trailer


Week 7

Going Viral (Week 7)
Chapter 3 Questions
White Zombie Intro Sequence
Dawn of the Dead Title Sequence
King of the Zombies clip
Dawn of the Dead Suburbia Ravaged
Dawn of the Dead Suburbia
28 Days Later clip (Part 1)
28 Days Later clip (Part 2)
28 Days Later – Infection Sequence
Revenge of the Zombies clip
Dead Snow Trailer
Them Trailer
I Walked with a Zombie Trailer
Zombies on Broadway Trailer
Teenage Zombies aka Teenage Torture Trailer
The Ghost Breakers Trailer
White Zombie Trailer


Week 8

Going Viral (Week 8)
American Zombie Gothic Questions
Night of the Living Dead – Television Broadcast
Night of the Living Dead – Radio Broadcast and Fighting
Planet Terror Hospital Sequence
28 Days Later Intro Sequence
The Walking Dead: “TS-19”
Night of the Living Dead Intro Sequence
Night of the Living Dead Trailer
Night of the Living Dead Final Sequence


Week 9

Going Viral (Week 9)
Chapter 4 Questions
Shaun of the Dead – Final Sequence
Dawn of the Dead – 1978 Trailer
The Walking Dead – Guts clip
Dawn of the Dead (1978) – They’re Us That’s All
Shaun of the Dead Intro


Week 10

Going Viral (Week 10)
Conclusion Questions
The Walking Dead: “Days Gone By” Intro Sequence
I Am Legend – Original Ending
Age of Fear
The Last Man on Earth TV Show Pilot
I Am Legend – Theatrical Ending
I Am Legend Intro Sequence
The Last Ship Trailer
The Last Man on Earth – 1964 Trailer
The Omega Man Trailer
World War Z Trailer
12 Monkeys Trailer
I Am Legend Trailer
Blindness Trailer