Student Scholars

Rutgers Future Scholars

Beginning in 7th grade, students in New Brunswick and Piscataway are given the opportunity to be supported by Rutgers University as they pursue their academic education. In their fourth year in the program, as incoming high school juniors, RFS students are taught fundamental workplace skills and knowledge that will benefit them in the future. Not only will they attain these privileges, they will be granted hands-on working experience through internships. Surrounding Victoria Verhowsky, Marketing Associate at the Rutgers University Press, these are only three of the RFS students that have joined the RU Press family.

Rutgers Future Scholars Class of 2023

Kristine Pulido
Piscataway High School

This favorable set of circumstances has provided me with knowledge about the process of publishing the books I would always see on the shelves of Barnes & Nobles. 

Javean Payne
Piscataway High School

I really enjoyed my time at the Press due to how fun and educational the experience was. I learned more about how to publish books correctly and how contracts are involved in the process of publishing. The whole staff here was amazing, and I loved every second of it. 

Kiyanna Noel
New Brunswick High School

I enjoyed my experience here at RU Press because publishing is something that I’ve always wanted to get into since 7th grade. I’ve learned that my favorite department was Acquisitions because it showcased the initial part of publishing a book, which I appreciated. 

We are filled with gratitude to have met the staff of RU Press that work so diligently to provide the nonfiction works that students so desperately need for their own collegiate studies.