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Rutgers University Press prides itself on publishing exemplary books. In the last decade our publishing program has flourished. We now have 3000 books in print. An integral part of a leading public research and teaching university, the Press reflects and is essential to the University’s missions of research, instruction, and service. To carry out these goals, we publish books in electronic and print format in a broad array of disciplines across the humanities, social sciences, and sciences. Fulfilling our mandate to serve the people of New Jersey, we also publish books of scholarly and popular interest on the state and surrounding region.

Like most university presses we are a nonprofit publisher, funded by a delicate balance between sales revenues, gifts, and modest support from the University. Private assistance is crucial to our survival and growth. We select works for publication according to their intellectual and scholarly merit – not primarily for their commercial potential. Some of our most important books have too small an audience to cover their costs. Others need subsidies so that color illustrations or special features may be included. Your donation can help toward the publication of such works or can strengthen our endowment fund, which will provide financial stability for the Press and enable it to maintain and enhance its publishing program.

Donors may wish to support:

  • Individual books of quality directed at a small audience, where sales are unlikely to cover expenses
  • Book series or books in particular disciplines
  • Student intern wages
  • Press endowment, to assure financial stability
  • Special projects, including technological advances
  • Staff training opportunities

Convenient Link to Support the Press

The following is a direct link to the form for donations to the Marlie Wasserman Endowment and to the Development Fund. The Endowment, formed to honor former press director Marlie Wasserman, accrues interest at a rate of 4% annually, and is good for anyone interested in funding the press for the long term. The Development Fund, formally the Gift account, is for donors looking to support press activities. I’ve added this link to my signature. It can be posted anywhere, and shared directly with anyone who is interested:

To make a secure, online donation, please click here.

The Eleanor J. and Jason F. Dreibelbis Fund

The Eleanor J. and Jason F. Dreibelbis Fund is established in their honor for the purpose of supporting publications in higher education and clinical medicine, as well as for general Press expenses.  The fund was established in 2014 with a pledge of $150,000 by Eleanor and family. Eleanor (MA, Educational Media) was a school librarian and teacher of high potential students. She grew up on a farm, attended a one room school house and comes from a line of teachers dating to the mid-19th century. Jason (EdD, Education) son of an itinerant construction worker, attended 11 schools through high school, and later did continuing education work at Rutgers. He started as an elementary school teacher with a special emphasis on reading and moved on to administration including being school district superintendent.  While Supervising Principal in a NJ district he implemented the first Outdoor Education curriculum in the state at that level.

Development Committee:

  • Donald B. Edwards
  • Thomas Benson
  • Thomas B. Higgins
  • Maurice Lee
  • Robert Mortensen
  • Barbara J. Mitnick
  • Joseph Schenkel
  • Robin Suydam
  • Anne Moreau Thomas
  • David W. Vikner
  • Cathy Proctor
  • Barry Kramer
  • Firth Fabend
  • Dominick Mazzagetti
  • Walter Frank
  • Jackson Toby
  • Elizabeth Hance
  • Brian Regan
  • John Pearson

If you would like to make a donation or would like more information on Rutgers University Press fundraising efforts, please contact:

Micah Kleit
Rutgers University Press

To make a secure, online donation, please click here.